Here’s the who, what, when, where, why section… (can you tell I’m a teacher?)

Who //

Chermayne. Jesus lover. Intermediate teacher. Grammar nazi. Tea enthusiast. Typography do-er with a case of mild OCD.

What //

Starting my first blog, which is slightly (& by slightly, I mean ridiculously) daunting.

When //

Was unsure of what to put here but my OCD wouldn’t let me skip this step… When did I decide to start this blog, perhaps? A friend convinced me to in January, 2017.

Where //

Based in Auckland, NZ / Born in Suva, Fiji.

Why //

Because God has this funny little tendency to Speak when we ask Him to, but rarely in the ways we expect. For me, when He SpeaksĀ He either encourages or challenges (more often than not, flipping my world upside down). Hence, giving me ‘A Word in Season’ which enables me to view my life through His lens. The why behind starting this blog is essentially to share some of these Words with whoever has time to read them.

Ps. my sincerest apologies in advance for a potential overdose of sarcasm. Enjoy x